Love all things money making and money saving!!

I have a real passion for being savvy with my money, whether that be shopping around for a good deal and never just buying something without doing any research or benefitting from a freebie deal. Not searching around for a voucher code before making an online purchase is a sin in my eyes!! Must be something to do with my Yorkshire origin!

I absolutely love a freebie and there are so many out there to be had whether they are foodie freebies or beauty freebies, a freebie is a freebie. My blog posts share a lot of my fave ways to bag a freebie or a bargain deal and which apps I recommend for these. 

I get a great sense of joy out of sharing my bargain and freebie finds and this is why this blog really is my baby. I love seeing others benefit from the information I have shared. 

Do also check out my Instagram page queen_of_bargains where I share lots of deals and savvy tips.

Happy saving and spending!