The best four food cashback Apps that I would recommend are Shopmium, CheckoutSmart, Green Jinn and ClickSnap by Quidco.

On a weekly basis, usually on a Monday these Apps change their food cashback offers. Some of the offers are to try a food product for free, you just have to check which particular supermarket the offer is available at. With a lot of deals they are available at a few of the big supermarkets. So just be sure to check where the offer is available and what particular size of the product so you are able to successfully claim your cashback.

A lot of the offers are either to try a product for free, you will find that sometimes this can be to encourage trying a new product on the market but this is not always the case for the free products, some may just be popular items. Some of the offers offer a certain percentage of money back so you could try a product for £1.00 etc. The good thing about these Apps, is that sometimes combining the offer with in-store promotions that may already be on or being able to claim cashback on more that one of the above mentioned food cashback Apps, makes the product free any way.

So how do these Apps work:

  1. Check the offers available by having the Apps accessible on your phone before you either set out for your shop or whilst you’re instore.
  2. Purchase your item as usual and ensure you retain a copy of your receipt.
  3. Once you’re home and have unpacked your shopping, claim your various cashback deals on the applicable apps by selecting the offer you’re claiming, upload your receipt and scan the barcode of your product.
  4. Your cashback will then be processed in a few days time and they will pay it directly into the payment method you have selected. So mine goes straight back into my bank account.
  5. A Queen of Bargain Tip: You can get other members of your household to download and join these Apps and whilst you’re shopping you can pick up extra amounts of the particular item on offer, but just make sure you do a separate transaction and have a different receipt so they can then submit the cashback claim on their Apps.
  6. Things to note…..Always check the particular brand and size of product that is on offer, you don’t want to end up picking up the wrong item and then your cashback claim is rejected (ouch!!!!) trust me I’ve had my fingers burnt with this one!! Also double check how many times you can claim cashback on the item. Some deals allow you to claim cashback on more than one of that item but on most occasions, you can only claim the offer once.

Referral Codes

You can refer your friends and family to Shopmium by sending them your unique referral code. When they join and use the App, you will receive £3.00 referral credit, which means if a cashback offer is not free but only offering a certain percentage off or is a try for a £1.00 offer, you will receive the full cashback amount making it free for you, if you have referral credit to use. The other incentive for your friends and family to join is that they will be able to claim a free product as per whatever the sign up offer is at the time they join.

My referral code is ji9z4

My referral code for Quidco is

One thing to always remember is if you’re going to the supermarket specifically to pick up these offers, then don’t be inclined to overindulge and spend on other items that you did not intend to spend on. To help you to stick to this plan follow the following tips.