Why Online Games are Effective for Stress Relief

Online games provide a distraction from the stresses of everyday life and allow players to enter into a fantasy world. Unlike other forms of entertainment, online games seem to be less addicting and more therapeutic.

The Benefits of Playing Online Games for Mental Wellness

Playing online games is now not just for kids. Online games are a great way to have fun and relieve stress. They can also help to improve cognitive abilities, social interactions, personal health and combat loneliness.

Games for letting go

Online games are a form of escapism for many people. They allow players to step away from reality, and embark on an adventure in a fantasy world where anything can happen.

Some people use online games to escape the stresses of the real world. They are designed to be exciting, with challenges that are difficult but not impossible. The player is then able to progress through the game by developing skills and mastering obstacles. The time spent playing these games can be seen as productive in some ways because they reduce stress, improve problem solving skills and provide mindless relief which helps people forget their problems for a while.

Nostalgic Games that remind you of your childhood

Nostalgic games are my personal favourite. Playing old games that remind you of your childhood can be very therapeutic and take your mind back in time. It is also a great way to create memories with your children or play with friends.

People are playing nostalgic games on their phones, tablets, laptops and old consoles. Nostalgia has never been so accessible!

One of my favourite type of nostalgic games are word searches. I particularly love completing word searches on https://www.solitaire.org/word-games/ as they are a free online games site with no adverts. So you can go on and enjoy pockets of peace throughout the day by completing a word search, they are pretty short so perfect to fit in to bursts of free time you have, where you just want to unwind and relax your mind.

Another of my favourite games on their site is the hidden objects game https://www.solitaire.org/hidden-object-games/ once again a pretty easy going game, not overly complex but provides great entertainment in the short burst of time you spend playing.

Happy playing, remember we’re all big kids at heart!

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