Are you looking to refresh your finances and be more money savvy in 2023?? Well read on below for some of my tips on how you could save more by being more savvy.

  1. There are certain Apps that allow you to claim cashback on certain food item purchases. These Apps share different offers on a weekly or sometimes on a daily basis. This is a great way to save money and often try newly released products. I have saved loads using these Apps as very often the offer will be to try the product for free. These Apps are Shopmium, Green Jinn, CheckoutSmart. An extra tip is to ask your family members in the same household to join, that way you can double or triple the freebie offers by purchasing the particular food item a few times on separate receipts and then each person can claim the offer on their individual account. It’s a great way to stock up your store cupboards. Join Shopmium using my referral link and bag yourself a free tub of Pringles. a person holding a basket
  2. Cashback Apps are a key way to save money. Most people these days shop online and my view is if you’re not using a cashback app then you really are missing out on an opportunity and throwing money away! My favourite cashback App is Topcashback. All you have to do is go on Topcashback, search for the retailer you are due to shop with, click on the cashback offer and then you will be directed to the site where you can shop as normal. Once you have made your purchase, your cashback will automatically track. You will also receive an email notification to say you have cashback, once the cashback has cleared you can then withdraw it to your bank account, donate it to charity or use to purchase a voucher. It’s a win, win really. You can join Topcashback using my refer a friend link. A new cashback site that I have recently started using is Super. I’m really loving Super, as the cashback becomes available to withdraw within 24 hours. Super also has a great referral offer on, where if you join using my referral link and complete your first  purchase over £10.00, you will receive £10.00, which you can withdraw in 24 hours, making your purchase of £10.00 free! icons on cellphone screen
  3. January is a great time to look out for offers that Banks may be offering to switch your accounts and be rewarded with a generous cash incentive to switch. I would recommend to do a Google search to compare the switch offers and select an offer that suits your needs. shopping business money pay
  4. The start of a new year can also be a good time to review your finances and look at ways in which you may be able to better manage your finances. You may want to consider reviewing your direct debits/standing orders and checking to see if there are any you can cancel. Look for services you are not using or have not been benefitting from i.e. gym memberships, coffee and or entertainment subscriptions. If you’re not benefiting from them, then they literally are a waste of money. pensive ethnic shopper with debit card and laptop on bed
  5. With the rise in cost of living costs, it is advisable to check to see if you may be eligible for any benefits. A good way to check your eligibility is on the website.focused mature woman working on laptop on armchair
  6. If you are already in receipt of certain benefits, you may be able to receive cheaper social tariffs for your broadband service and energy supply. This is subject to you being on certain state benefits and also checking to see if your current supplier offers social tariffs if you are still in contract. If you’re out of contract then it may be a good idea to search for services with providers who offer social tariffs. the big support lettering text on black background
  7. If you have big plans for 2023 that you would like to save up for, be it an extravagant holiday, wedding, a new baby or a weekend away with the girls, I highly recommend joining a bank like Monzo, they have this great feature where you can set up separate money pots and transfer individual funds into each one. A great tip is to do this on payday so it’s done and out of the way. You can then sit back and see your fun money pots grow. It’s a good way to save in an organised way and know exactly what funds you have set aside for your particular plans. With Monzo, I have it as an App on my phone, so it’s easily accessible and helps me keep on top of my finances in an organised way. Monzo currently have a great increased referral offer, where you can receive £10.00 for joining, verifying your account and making your first card purchase. Why not get a free cash boost with their referral reward to get your money pots growing by using my referral link woman in blue plaid long sleeves and knit cap holding a glass jar with money
  8. Having a big goal to save up for can be overwhelming, sometimes breaking it down and working out what you need to save on a monthly basis can help ease the pressure and help you to work towards meeting your savings goal. A great online calculator that you can use to work out your monthly savings figures can be found at person with keys for real estate
  9. Start thinking of ways you could earn additional income, be it from side hustles, survey sites, carrying out market research, blogging, crafting the options are endless. If you have a talent and have been pondering over monetising it, then there is no time like the present, go for it. In 2022, 46% of the UK population made a second income from side hustles.

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