Are you making a major cashback fail when making purchases online??

When you shop online, do you simply go straight to the website you’re purchasing from and make your purchase?? If you answered ‘Yes’ then stop this habit right there. You are losing out on tonnes of cash back that is there to be made on the amounts you are spending. Imagine getting money back when booking a holiday!! Yes, that’s right, there are amazing cashback deals ready to be bagged on most big and small purchases.

My favourite cashback sites….

So, my favourite cash back sites are Topcashback and Quidco, I also have a Reward Gateway website as an employee perk from my employer. My without fail purchase routine, is to check each of these sites to see which one is offering the best cash back offer for the online store I am purchasing from. I will then select my offer and click through to the website and make my purchase as usual. It really is as simple as that!!!

Check out your employer’s employee perks!!

If you are not sure whether your employer offers a Reward Gateway employee perk, it is definitely worth an ask. From my experience, I have found that the Reward Gateway platform offers exclusive and more competitive offers than Topcashback or Quidco. Sometimes, the Reward Gateway platform also offers deals for online stores, that Topcashback and Quidco have no offers for. An example of this was over Christmas, when I made an indulgent but necessary purchase at The White Company for homeware, as their sale reductions were amazing, the best bit was the Reward Gateway site had an offer on for an additional 10% off, if I purchased an instant use voucher from their site and used this to pay for my order, which is pretty straightforward, as you instantly pay 10% off the total value of your voucher, so make an instant saving.

So how does it work??

With Topcashback and Quidco, you receive an email notification once your cashback has tracked and if you download the Apps, it is easy to keep a track of when your cashback has cleared and is ready to be withdrawn to your bank account or Paypal or you can use your cashback to purchase gift cards/gift vouchers for various retail stores and restaurants. Examples of some recent cashback deals I have benefitted from include £110.00 back from my BT Internet deal that I took out online by going through Quidco. £44.00 cashback for using Topcashback’s Energy Comparison tool and doing a dual fuel switch.

T’s & C’s attached to claiming cashback

Sometimes there are certain terms and conditions linked to qualifying for cashback, usually these are that cashback cannot be claimed if you have used a voucher code, so not all cashback will track successfully, on occasions it will decline if the terms and conditions have not been met.

Refer a friend and bag some more cashback!!

You can also refer friends and family to both Topcashback and Quidco, once they have successfully used the sites and received cashback up to a certain value, you will receive whatever referral credit offer was on at the time. My links to join are

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