Since lockdown rules have eased, you have to admit it feels good to be able to eat out again.

I was really craving a Pizza Express treat the other day so me and my partner decided to have a midweek evening out.

If you want to know how we only ended up paying half of what our total bill was read below for my money saving tips.

  1. Sign up to restaurants websites/newsletter as they will email you offers from time to time. I received a voucher from Pizza Express, offering a free classic pizza when paying for any other main. Cha ching, this worked out perfectly as we were ordering two mains anyway.
  2. Check any offers your bank account may provide. These days banks are very competitive and offer a lot of discounts and free perks for holding an account with them. I have a Reward Account with Natwest, which I do pay for but the charge gets cancelled out by the monthly monetary rewards I receive from this account. One of the free perks I get is a Tastecard membership. Tastecard offer a lot of 2 for 1 deals at a number of eateries, if you dine from Sunday to Thursday. Unfortunately, I could not use this offer at Pizza Express but it is a gem of an eating out saving app.
  3. Check to see if your employer offers any kind of access to a rewards website. My employer provides all employees with access to a Reward Gateway website, which provides amazing savings. To date I have saved £1534.85 using this Reward Gateway website. So they had an offer on for Pizza Express, where you buy a voucher and you use that to pay your bill with, however, the voucher comes with a 10% saving, so you instantly pay 10% less. Love this feature, so I usually buy my voucher at the table, when I get the bill and know what the total is. It’s so handy and easy to use. I access it on my phone, log in, purchase my voucher, download it and show it to the Waiter/Waitress and they scan the barcode on the voucher and that is what I use as my payment method. So on Tuesday, I needed a voucher for £29.00 in total, I purchased this but only paid £26.10.
  4. I also had a £10.00 voucher to use at Pizza Express. This is a voucher I claimed for free from an App called Pointvoucher, I will do a separate feature on this great App.
  5. If you work in a profession where you can qualify for the Blue Light Card, I definitely recommend it as this is another way to get great savings. Although I did not use it at Pizza Express, I used it another restaurant a few weeks ago and you get a great saving on your full bill, including drinks!

Our total bill was £50.25 but we only paid £26.10!!

  • I used a £10.00 Pizza Express voucher
  • Used a voucher which deducted the cost of one main (-£10.95)
  • Received 10% off the remaining £29.30 that was left to pay and only paid £26.10 using my work’s Reward Gateway site.

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