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Nothing says summer like spending it outdoors, but if your backyard looks like it needs a little TLC you aren’t the only one. I tend to neglect my backyard until I know that all of the colder weather has passed. I almost get giddy thinking about all the fun things family and friends can do with us when the weather is sunny, a cool breeze is blowing and we’re all enjoying just being together. 

Until I can really sit down and relax, I know there are a few things I need to take care of, especially when it comes to the back of my home. A good plan for your outdoor landscape and to have it spruced up for the summer does take a bit of time. However, those who are willing to put in the work will find it is worth every cent and it would prevent the aching back you might get. 

  1. Clean the Outdoor Lights – These lights often get ignored, especially when it’s bad weather outside. When you take the time to give them a little cleaning it can go along way towards making your space look cared for. Disassemble the lights as best as you can and wash the glass with hot soapy water. This really makes a difference when you use them at night. If you need to, replace the light bulbs. Personally, I’m a huge fan of twinkle lights to give you and your guests a cozy space,  so hang those around your space if you can. 
  1. Spruce Up The Furniture – During the cold months, if you don’t put your furniture away it can take a pretty big hit from snow storms, wind and various outdoor activities. Check out the furniture and inspect if for any reason repairs need to be done before you have anyone use them. Dust or wash everything before you set it up. Consider even adding a fresh coat of paint to spruce them up and make them look like new! Suddenly your rusty old chairs look like you just picked them up. 

Image:  Brazilian Wood Depot

  1. Call In A Professional For Decking – If you have a backyard with any pavers, you’ll want to make sure you get them professionally cleaned before anyone comes over. A power washer can do the trick to help get rid of the grim from winter but if you really want it done correctly, I’d suggest hiring someone with experience. I’d recommend Brazilian Wood Depot. Their wood comes from the rainforest, shipped over and taken with great care from the woods to your home. They have a variety of wood in all different colors for a pop in your backyard or blending in depending on what you are looking for. My personal opinion would be to hire someone to help you with this gorgeous decking if you don’t know what to do. They can offer their professional choice on what would work best with your backyard ideas, home and landscape. Wood composite decking is a popular one among homeowners!  

5. Prepare the Garden – If you have a garden, I would make sure that you tend to this as well. Grab a shovel and rake out the beds, prune up the branches on the shrubs and pull out any dead plants or grass. Adding a smooth fresh layer of compost to help keep your plants nourished during the harsh summer months is key. I also love creating new flower pots near the garden as well. This pop of color is always a fun topic of conversation with friends and family members plus it livens up the backyard. It helps bring everything together. 

Now that you have a few handy steps to help you get your backyard ready for summer, which are you going to start with first? Take your time and make sure you aren’t over doing anything. My suggestion would be to start in the early morning hours before it gets too hot. Enjoy and remember, it’ll be worth it when you host your big backyard get together. 

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