Any home improvement or project can be thrilling to think about, but stressful to complete.  We want our homes to look their best, and yet we also want to be able to be hands-on and work on them ourselves.  

If you’re toeing the line between what could be DIY and what’s better to leave to the professionals, you’re not alone!  Here are the top considerations to help you make a choice.

Have You Done this Project Before?

Whether you’re considering cutting a larger hole for a window or refinishing hardwood floors, things are always easier if you’ve done it before.  Have you completed a similar project to this one before?  If not, have you worked with someone to finish it before?  If you have, it’s easy to sign off on and make it a DIY. If not, you should ask yourself the other questions on this list.

What’s Your Budget Look Like?

How much money can you afford to put into this project?  If it’s something simple like sanding and staining a piece of furniture, would you be able to afford to try again if you get it wrong the first time?  Could you afford a professional if you need one?  If you can’t afford one, it makes more sense to attempt a DIY, but trying a large project and then failing or causing property damage isn’t a good thing for your budget.  It’s a good idea to remember that hiring a handyperson to fix your dishwasher is cheaper than having to look at other Vancouver homes for sale because you flooded your own place.

How Long Will this Project Take?

How much time has to be devoted to this project to complete it?  If it’s just a couple of hours, then this may be something you can take your time and do.  If instead, this is a giant project that may take weeks or months, it’s a good idea to consider if you have the time for that.  Taking on a project that takes up a ton of your time could mean that the project gets put off or that you never fully complete it.  Hiring a professional ensures that you have a set timeline and that the project has to be completed.

Is it Something You Have to Buy Tools for?

You may love the idea of owning a bandsaw, but how often are you truly going to use it?  If a project requires a lot of towns and devices that you don’t own, hiring a contractor may be a far more feasible option since it saves you from having to invest in the money and space for these tools. On the other hand, if you have enough projects that you’re working on that all need this same tool, like a sanding belt or a saw, then it’s a good time to consider investing in one.  

Home improvements are a large task to take on, so make sure that you approach them completely confident that you can do them yourself.  If not, professionals can ensure they’re done flawlessly, and you can still enjoy the updates!

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