If everyone who knows me was asked to sum me up, I’m sure the words “Savvy”, “Bargain Queen”, “Money Saver” and “Freebie Lover” would be amongst them.

What inspired me…

Throughout my adult life I have always loved being savvy, I hate paying more than I need to. If there’s a deal or a money saving hack, I’ll be sure to have found it before making my purchase.

It reached a point where a lot of people would contact me to look for deals for them, find a discount code for them or would contact me to ask if I knew of any ways in which they could save money when making a particular purchase.

One of my friend’s suggested that I should set up an Instagram page sharing all my savvy tips and bargain finds. In all honestly, I had never even thought of doing this before. It was quite a daunting prospect. I didn’t really know where to start. I kept thinking how will I find enough content and started overthinking it.

@queen_of_bargains was born!!

Fast forward to now, I set up my page in 2018 under the Instagram handle queen_of_bargains, I have 3220 followers (at the time of writing) and I’ve never looked back.

I absolutely love the community I have built on my Instagram platform. I have met so many lovely people, albeit in a virtual world, who share similar interests as me of being super savvy and loving a freebie find. I have learnt so much from them and vice versa.

Organic growth, my proud moment!

What I feel proud of even more so is that the growth of my audience has been purely organic. It fills me with great pride knowing that people follow me due to finding the content of interest and value. It’s also a great honour, when other influencers in the same niche as me tag me as an account to follow.  Why I love this is because I share and post my content to help others and create awareness around a great find, a great product, a bargain deal, new apps that offer great refer a friend incentives as well as lots of great freebie finds.

What amazes me is when I have posted something and then the post just goes wild with likes, comments, reposts and brings in an influx of new followers. It’s a great feeling when you love sharing, to know that your content has been received extremely well by your audience.

Authenticity is of great importance

The authenticity of my page is also of great importance to me as I would never post something that I haven’t benefitted from myself or something that has been posted with an ulterior motive of falsely promoting something for a gain. I take the responsibility seriously of having a public profile with a following and would never post something that was misleading. This would not sit right with my personal morals. I also owe it to my followers, some of whom have been with me since day 1 to never mislead them and lose that trust I feel I have built up with a lot of my followers https://scroll.in/article/1002052/influencers-have-responsibilities-to-their-viewers-who-played-a-key-role-in-their-rise-to-fame.

The rise and fall of social media influencers

In my opinion, these days with the rise of social media influencers, unfortunately, a lot of high profile and famous influencers have lost their authenticity due to high pay packets fuelling their content. This is why I think micro-influencers with a genuine following hold a lot of weight in the social media world.

A great time to be a micro-influencer

It’s a great time to be a micro-influencer in the social media world due to the amount of recognition given to us. I’m grateful for the opportunities that are available out there no matter how big or small your following is. If you have a passion for something and know that it could attract great social media attention, don’t hold yourself back, go for it! @queen_of_bargains would still have been stuck in a mental bargain bucket if I had allowed my doubt to hold me back! Check out how this Influencer did exactly the same thing and went for it https://intellifluence.com/blog/alysha-littlejohn-influencer-spotlight

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