So, as well as being able to use Apps to get free food deals and offers during your supermarket shop, those supermarket receipts of yours can also earn you money!!!

Four of my favourite receipt upload Apps are Shoppix, HUYU, SnapMyEats and Storewards (Storewards is only available on IOS devices).

A lot of people think it’s too much hassle uploading receipts but these Apps are so user friendly and a breeze to use. I tend to have a routine, I unpack my shopping and keep all the receipts to one side and then upload them all at one go.

If they can make you money and vouchers, then why not….it’s a no brainer really!!



  • Upload the receipt on the same day as the date on the receipt for 30 points otherwise you wil receive 25 points.
  • You can upload one receipt from a particular shop, per day.
  • Every week you also receive two scratch cards that give you a points boost.
  • You can also upload your online receipts, most stores are recognised. You simply forward your receipt to a unique Shoppix email address that you will be assigned. Online receipts is a great way to boost your balance.
  • Once you reach 3200 points you can redeem for a £5.00 voucher for a number of places. I usually redeem for Amazon vouchers, you can never have enough Amazon vouchers right!
  • You can also redeem your balance as a cash value to your Paypal account.


  • You can upload any food related receipts on SnapMyEats, both physical and online receipts (online food shopping receipts, takeaway receipts etc).
  • Upload 25 receipts each month for two consecutive months and you will then be able to redeem for a £10.00 voucher of your choice. Once again, I usually redeem for an Amazon voucher.


  • On HUYU you can upload any mainstream supermarket receipt.
  • You will receive 5 points for each receipt. Once you reach 500 points, you can redeem for a voucher of your choice.


  • This is the newest receipt upload App and quite frankly it’s brilliant.
  • Upload any physical receipt and you will receive 600 points per receipt.
  • You can upload online receipts and receive 50 points per receipt.
  • You receive lots of bonus points on Storewards as you climb to different levels based on the volume of your receipt uploads.
  • You can upload more than one receipt from the same store dated the same date.
  • I find that your balance builds up so quickly on this App.
  • You can also link it to your Amazon account and receive 1000 points for every month you stay connected.
  • Once you reach 20,000 points you can redeem for a £2.00 Amazon voucher. You can continue building your balance for higher value vouchers.